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    Who We Are

    For over 20 years, Rest and Relax Cleaning has been the premier residential and commercial cleaning service in Montclair, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. It is our priority to ensure customers are completely satisfied with the results before leaving the job, because without our amazing customers we wouldn’t be here. Our affordable prices, friendly service, and trustworthy team members are just a few examples of why customers keep coming back.

    We believe a clean home is a happy home, so let’s get started on spreading the joy. Contact us today to get a free quote on our residential and commercial cleaning services!

    Home Cleaning

    Keeping your house well-sanitized and clean, you should be working on the cleaning tasks for your home regularly. This will help you get the maintain the sanitation of your home. Cleaning can be a big hassle if you’re not doing the tasks correctly, or if you’re not skilled or experienced with sanitation processes in general. You can entrust the cleaning process to Rest & Relax Cleaning, as we make sure that will bring you the solution to your cleaning problems. We’re a professional house cleaning expert based in Montclair, NJ who is ready and equipped with the appropriate cleaning tools that can bring excellent results for your home.

    Commercial Cleaning

    As a leading and fully licensed company, we know how to deliver our services. Our contractors are trained and experienced. They work hard because they are a dedicated team that strives to provide quality cleaning services.

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